3 Workforce Trends We Will See After Lockdown

Workforce trends have their ups and downs and change every year due to different economic and social factors. Covid-19 has made a dramatic impact in the ways in which we work. As we ease out of lockdown restrictions, the world of work that we return to may not resemble the one we knew. So here are a couple of the trends that are ready to make their mark in 2022. 


2022 will bring a deeper dive into the gig economy and the world of technology. This means more students and employees will turn to the rise of app-based talent platforms. More of our interviews and meetings will move to the online world, what can be done online will be accomplished from our desktops at home. This means better communications and more flexibility for workers. 



As more and more millennials enter the workforce, the attitude to work is also changing. In order to attract the skills that come from the millennial workforce, employers will aim to create positions and company regulations that align with environmental and corporate responsibility. 


As businesses grow, they are realising the value of a diverse workforce that benefit the overall productivity of a company. This means more day-care facilities will be introduced and more flexibility for parental leave.


As we exit the turmoil of lockdown, we enter a workforce that has evolved since we last saw it in person. What other workforce trends do you think we’ll see in 2022?