5 Careers you can have with a Diploma of Business

Do you have a flair for all things entrepreneurial? Do you enjoy improving and driving business goals? Are you interested in running your own company?

A career in the world of business presents various opportunities, offering you an exciting and ever-changing job prospect. From accounting to the organisational side of things, a career in business can take on many shapes and forms. If you want to kickstart your business career, National Training’s Diploma of Business is the perfect course to enrol in.

Want to see where your diploma will take you? Here are some potential career pathways for those studying business.

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Accounting assistant

Love numbers and figures, but don’t want to commit to a full-on accountancy role? A career as an accounting assistant could be ideal for you. In this role, you will be using your way with numbers to perform pre-emptive checks on internal problems, examine profit margins and determine operational policies to help maintain business performance.

Office administrator

This role is great for business-minded people who enjoy forming connections with others through work. As an office administrator, you will be responsible for maintaining high organisational standards to coordinate complex policies and improve business efficiency.

Public relations manager

This may be a left-field job role, but many employees in the public relations sector are now required to have a solid background in business. This unique combination of business and PR know-how allows you to understand and assist businesses with their communications strategies, giving them the edge in the business world.

Financial planner

As a planner, you will help companies organise finances, project results of savings and make plans to reach specific financial goals. You will help businesses ensure that their savings or profitability is maximised through thorough financial planning.

Program manager

This high-level role sees you focussing on the bigger picture – think revenue milestones, cost-cutting and launching new forward-facing programs. As a program manager, you will be using your business ability to provide visionary leadership.

Interested in a career in business? A Diploma of Business from National Training is the ultimate pathway to your corporate career goals. Study and save by taking advantage of National Training’s current study specials.

Current Specials.
Check out our current specials!