5 Things That Will Instantly Make You More Employable

Landing that dream job could be as easy as boosting your resumé and changing your mindset. 

You may not be able to influence whether or not a recruiter picks you from a stack of resumés, but you can do whatever you can to make yourself the most appealing candidate possible.

Here are five ways to capture the attention of recruiters and boost your chances of landing that job. 

1. Adding soft and hard skills to your resume


Employers often search for applicants who demonstrate a variety of talents to get a full view of their ability, so listing both hard and soft skills on your resumé is important.

Soft skills on a resumé are the technical skills that help recruiters find out what kind of employer you’ll be working for and if you’ll fit well with the company’s community.

Hard skills are essential since each position has a set of necessary skills that you must possess in order to complete the key tasks required for the role. You would not be able to do the job if you lack the basic hard skills needed for the position you choose to apply for.

Employers are searching for signs of coordination, creativity, engagement, partnership, cooperation and care in your jobs and extracurricular activity during your studies (i.e., community groups, hobbies or sport).

2. Having the right attitude


People with an optimistic attitude and a cheerful demeanour have stronger relationships with their co-workers and bosses. They are seen as more active and are given more opportunities for advancement.

3. Showcase your experiences

Job experience is an ideal way to stand out to future bosses, hear about the business you work for, and get a feel for the industry you want to work in. You can develop qualities that are critical to increase your overall employability, regardless of the job you hold.

4. Grow your professional network

As social media is a growing platform, putting yourself out there can definitely catch the eyes of many recruiters. There are plenty of advertisements for jobs on platforms such as Facebook where friends or family post about jobs available at their workplaces. Taking advantage of this networking skill will not only help you find a job but give you a better chance at getting hired as there won’t be hundreds of other job seekers applying as well. 

5. Develop a growth mindset 

A growth mindset is a technique that you can use to build healthy attitudes and behaviours that can contribute to success and job progression if you want to be encouraged in your career.

Developing a growth mindset helps you to become more curious and receptive to learning from your experiences and failures, which is critical for dealing with change and succeeding in today’s fast-paced business world.

Land the job with these five tactics to stand out to employers. Looking for more career advice? Head to National Training today to find the information, employers and opportunities you’re interested in. 

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