5 Ways to Land That Promotions

After obtaining your qualifications with National Training, you’re sure to have your eye on that

promotion. In addition to being qualified and having the experience to back it up, there are a few

surefire ways to grab the attention of the person handing out upper level job titles. Here are our top

5 ways to land that promotion.


1. Open a Dialogue

Do you have good rapport with the person in charge of promotions? You don’t have to be

best friends with the boss to get the promotion, but you do have to be comfortable

communicating with them. Make sure that the boss knows you’re interested in the future of

the company, in improving your stakes in the company, and even that you’re looking to

move up. And be open to detailed feedback as to what you can do to make that happen.


2. Address the Big Picture Problems

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level within the company, you not only have

to impress your boss with how you handle your tasks, but on how your current

responsibilities fit into the larger scheme. What is your boss’ most urgent problem? Don’t

overstep your bounds, but if you can demonstrate that you’re a solution-finder, you’re sure

to take home the promotion.


3. Always Be Training

Even if there is no promotion currently available, take every opportunity to train.

Professional development, conferences, and also getting a look into another department or

working with someone who’s been in the field for a decade or two longer than you, are all

fantastic ways to improve your skillset. And when that promotion does come up, your

ambition and passion will be remembered.


4. You Are Your Biggest Advocate

If you work for a company where team members self-nominate for promotions, step up.

Humility is important, but when it comes to the future of your career, if you believe that

you’re really the best candidate for the company, this is no time to be modest. Make

yourself a candidate.


5. The Promotion for You isn’t Always in Your Company

If you’ve been passed over for a promotion a few times, have a personality clash within the

team, or there’s no chance of a promotion being offered any time soon, cut your losses.

Take all of the experience you’ve gained, your new National Training qualification, and a

fabulous resume to a company that will better align with your career goals. You are married

to your own career, not to a company.