Diploma of Customer Engagement

Four Steps to Effective Customer Engagement

Good relationships are the foundation of good business. In a world where we are all connected by technology, the personal, engaging connections are those that stand out and will ultimately last the longest. If you can build trusting, loyal and forgiving relationships with your client or customer base, you are on your way to building a strong business foundation. Satisfied customers fundamentally generate your success — without them, you are nothing — so each and every one should be treated and respected as such.


The first step in building your professional relationship is the initial connection. First impressions can be lasting, so it’s important that you are sending a message that honestly represents the business or brand and what you and/or it stands for. Don’t be pushy, don’t be over enthusiastic — just make polite and friendly contact.


…and then listen. Don’t interrupt. Don’t pitch. Don’t even speak. Many businesses forget that the best relationship is formed when both parties feel like they are benefiting. Therefore, showing that you are willing to listen and understand, allows your client or customer to feel heard, which why it is one of the most important elements in nailing your initial interaction.


This next step requires you to engage with your new acquaintance and turn that small association into a larger, more interactive friendship. This is the point where you bring in personal elements to the exchange and solidify the notion of equal partnership. This could include finding and addressing your common interests and sharing goals and aspirations linked to your product or service and always should conclude with a feeling of mutual dependence.


The final step is to share. Both parties need to work co-operatively to build and maintain the friendship and it must remain mutually beneficial. The minute your client or customer feels like your benefit outweighs their own, the relationship has become fractured. It is your goal to avoid these cracks altogether by treating the relationship as a 2-way street; give and take. So, reward your loyal friends every once in a while. Don’t bribe them — give them a reason to believe you have their best interests at heart with a no-strings-attached expression of good faith.

Diploma of Customer Engagement

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