Diploma of Social Media Marketing Online

4 Reasons to Get Excited About Social Media

Social media is now a major business and brand marketing tool. Companies continue to invest more and more in digital social marketing as a more targeted way to connect with their customer and client base and, in return, receive detailed information to extend their network further.

Here is a list of four smart reasons to get social media savvy:

Wide Scope for Social Media Careers

The global social media market as well as Australia has shown explosive growth over the past 10 years, business owners and operators are continually increasing their annual spend on social media platforms as a tool to boost their brand exposure and, ultimately, their profit margin. This means that social media marketing professionals are both well renumerated and in demand. Constantly changing and evolving, social media marketing requires currency and relevantly qualified specialists, so the more recent your credentials, the more employable you are!

Dominate Marketing Channel

With new features that optimise social media apps for effective advertising, these platforms have become the standard tool for building an audience, targeting advertising messages to engaged viewers and analysing the social tendencies with highly detailed demographics of the target market. Facebook drew two million new Australian users within two months from December 2016 to February 2017, taking its national active user statistic to 17 million people, with 5 million connecting on Instagram! You cannot ignore Social Media Marketing.

Industry Versatility

Social media is a boundless entity and, in the same vein, allows you to work across limitless industries and networks. This provides you with variety and versatility, not only in your working week but in the challenges you face and the skills you will develop to overcome them. Whether you take on a single large corporate account or a range of small businesses, this is a career you can tailor to your own preferred method and style.

Creativity Meets Logic

Exercise both your creative and logical mind with a career in social media. There is no formula for generating engaging social content. You need to use innovation and originality to get your target interested. However, you also have a wealth of analytical statistics at your disposal to inform your decision about which groups to target with which message. Thus, this career can provide you with the perfect balance of left and right brain functions.

Diploma of Social Media Marketing Online

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