How To Get Job Ready and Kickstart Your Career

How To Get Job Ready and Kickstart Your Career

Getting job ready is not just about having the skills and knowledge you need to work in your dream career – it also involves a lot of preparation, organisation and conversation to put your name on the radar of employers and recruiters in your chosen industry.

Putting yourself out there takes confidence and courage, which isn’t always easy to have if you are not familiar with the job-hunting game. However, in an economy where there are more people searching for jobs than there is available, there are some key ways you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and attract the eye of potential employers.


Understand your local job market

When looking for a job, it is key to know what employment opportunities are available in your local market. By doing some independent research, you will be able to gain insight into the main job vacancies and in-demand skills in your local region. That way, you can shift your job search to other areas if the opportunities in your local market don’t match up with your skill set.


Prepare your resume

Finetuning your resume is an important step in the job seeking process, as a comprehensive yet relevant CV gives potential employers all the information they need to ascertain if you’re the right person for the job. Tailor your resume to show how your qualifications, skills and work experience relate to the listed job, while also including vital information such as contact details and referees who can illustrate your skills and abilities to recruiters.


Get on recruiters’ radars

Speaking of recruiters, it is important that you make yourself known to employers who you want to work for. That does not mean you have to put on a show to catch their attention; instead, contact them directly to express your interest in working for your company.



Job hunting can be a demoralising process, especially when your efforts are met with rejection or even worse, a wall of silence. However, use the disappointment of missing out on a job as an opportunity to follow up and find out why you were not the preferred candidate – a little bit of constructive feedback can go a long way in sharpening your approach for next time.

Make it a habit to follow up every ‘no’ or non-existent answer you get, as your perseverance could work in your favour with the right employer.


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