Leading a Team, Not Just Managing Employees

The best businesses invest in the happiness of their employees, because they know that a happy team is a productive and innovative team. Our Leadership & Management course is designed to give you the tools to work well as part of a team and also to lead where appropriate in order to optimise your business.

For team members to work effectively, they’ve got to be able to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate. And all of that requires trust. Here are some of our favorite team-building activities that are worth an afternoon of company time to bond your staff together:

Write It Down

Have your staff members write down something work-related they are passionate about, something non-work related they are passionate about, and their personal career goals for the next year. Pair up staff members and have them share and, if the team seems comfortable, come together to swap notes as a unit. This serves two purposes: it allows you, as a team leader, better insights into how to keep your team focused and it also allows staff to look at other staff motivations in new ways.

Get Silly

There are tons of team problem solving exercises online that all serve one purpose: get your staff thinking outside of the box, together, and break down barriers by letting employees be comfortable laughing at themselves. One of our favorites is “flip the sheet.” Have 10-15 staff stand on a queen-sized bed sheet and ask them to flip it without touching the floor. Innovation at it’s finest. It can be done!

Talk it Through

Our staff face high-pressure situations often and communicating effectively while under pressure is a key skill that should be fostered at every opportunity. Pipeline is a game that requires staff to talk through getting a golf ball or ping pong ball from one end of a room to another using no more than slanted blocks of wood, a game plan, and quick feet. Present your staff the challenge and mentor them through talking the problem through.

Learn more team-building activities and optimise the efficiency of your staff by signing on for one of our Leadership & Management courses today!