Past Student Only Exclusive Offer

(Offer Ends 30 November 2021)

One-Time Exclusive Offer

As you may have heard, the course materials for several of our diplomas have been significantly upgraded to comply with new government training legislation. Over the last few weeks, we have been getting a number of requests from past students on ways they can upgrade with the latest materials so they don’t miss out. So, we have come up with a one-time exclusive offer!
So what's the big change?

In October 2020, our diplomas were totally revamped by the regulator, with all the latest industry requirements and updated job skills with an increased focus on the current job market.

National Training has taken full advantage of the new changes, developing all new purpose-built Learning Materials and Assessments, from the ground up.

What does that mean for you?

  • Learning Materials are succinct and non-repetitive
  • Learning Materials only include what is required to complete the assessments
  • Assessments are accurately aligned to the Learning Materials
  • Consistent flow, assessments and learning materials work hand in hand
  • Any available credits for past completed units that can be applied will be applied
  • No immediate deadline for completion, we ask that you complete one (1) unit every two (2) months, we will continue to support you as long as we see you making an effort.

So what's the exlcusive offer?
  • As a past student, you can now enrol in the latest Diploma for just $999 (Save further $976 from website specials), double diplomas also available just $1,599 (Save further $1376 from current website specials)
  • OR you can also spread the payment over 6 fortnightly payments through QuickaPay,
    • Diploma $166.50 fortnightly for 6 payments (total $999)
    • Double Diploma $266.50 fortnightly for 6 payments (total $1,599)
    • No set up fees , no interest charges
Upgraded Diplomas include;
  • BSB50120 Diploma of Business
  • BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resources
  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management
Upgraded Double Diplomas include;
  • BSB50120-BSB50420 Business and Leadership & Management
  • BSB50320-BSB50120 HR and Business
  • BSB50320-BSB50420 HR and Leadership & Management
Check out our latest courses here on National’s website: Courses & Prices
Remember if you want to take advantage of your past students exclusive offer, use this link to enter your details: Special Enrolment Link
Select your course, complete the details and submit. You will be invited to pay and get started straightaway (no further discounts are available with this offer). (Please note this special enrolment link references your email address. If you wish to use different email to register please call our student support 03 9013 6878 or email
The updated course materials and content will allow you to have a competitive edge in the industry, when it comes to finding work and employment.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch – 03 9013 6878.
To your success.

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