The Perfect Presentation

Leading and managing proactively often requires presentations to both staff and clients. One of our modules in our Leadership & Management course focuses exclusively on creating presentations that will not only serve the purpose, but inspire your business to be better.

While the course provides in-depth insights into the world of presentation creation, we’ve outlined a few key points that anyone preparing a message for an audience should take under consideration before delivery.

Be Prepared

This should be obvious, but really understanding your topic is key to introducing that topic to others. Avoid just preparing note cards and one opinion, be ready for any questions that may arise. If you’re confident in your research, the presentation itself will be that much easier to deliver.


Not everyone is a verbal learner. You’ll find that many staff and customers will actually process information more efficiently with visual aids. Again, be prepared. If you’re planning on using slides or video, make sure the room where you’re presenting has the proper equipment to support any visuals you bring along.

Keep It Simple

Have a maximum of three goals for what you’d like your audience to take away from the talk. Don’t overcomplicate points unnecessarily, as the impact of the presentation will be clouded.

Engage Your Audience

The least successful presentations, by and large, are lectures with no audience engagement. Asking questions of your audience allows you to feel out how well they’re processing information and will also help audience members along as they re-word information aloud.

Be Adaptable

If you only planned to spend five minutes on point one, but quickly realize that point one was not understood, spend more time on it. Be able to re-evaluate your presentation outcome goals if necessary and work with your audience. Avoid going over time, but don’t be afraid to shift the way you make a point if your employees or customers seem lost.

These are the basics. Enroll in our Leadership & Management course today for more information!