Why it’s time you got your qualifications recognised with National Training

As the employment situation in Australia continues to get tougher, more and more people are staying longer in higher education to ensure they have the best chances possible at getting a job once they finish their degree. These days, most employers are looking for people who have at least some level of qualification to join their team, and by not bothering to up skill yourself, you could potentially be doing a lot of damage to your professional career.

Whilst employment rates around Australia hit a fifteen-year high in some states, it’s important to make sure that you are standing out from the crowd of other candidates. As the economy continues to shift and employers turn to labourers from overseas, it’s important to ensure you are giving yourself the best chances at future job prospects. With major manufacturing industries shutting their factory doors and the public service facing serious cuts across the board, Australia’s employment situation is looking exceptionally grim, especially if you lack a certain level of qualification that employers are looking for when they are on the look out for new staff.

And it’s little wonder that employers are looking for qualified staff. In order to run an efficient business, staff members need to be qualified and capable, particularly if they want to pass compliancy checks. Further, having a diploma in a certain area could give you the leg-up you need to secure a position, beating out all the other candidates who are qualification free.

But if you are worried about the high costs of further education, or the long time commitments associated with gaining a qualification, updating your resume with a new diploma probably isn’t at the top of your agenda. And, if you’re struggling to find work, paying the associated fees that come alongside further education won’t come easy to you, which is why National Training has developed a range of scholarships to make sure you get qualified without the huge price tag.

With Certificate IVs available across a range of areas, National Training wants to make sure that you are giving yourself the best chances at getting employed, even with Australia’s difficult employment climate. National Training’s government funded scholarships mean that the costs associated with your qualification are completely taken care of, from those pesky administration fees to the larger, general course fees. With savings of up to $3,000 available, these scholarships are a great way to get a head start in the workforce.

To be eligible for one of our completely funded scholarships, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, over 18, and currently residing in Victoria. It’s simple to apply, and could give you the jumpstart you need to get ahead in Australia’s tough job market. So get ahead of Australia’s unemployment rate, and take a hold of your future today to get the attention of the employers you want. Contact National Training for more details, and to find out if you are eligible for one of our government funded scholarships.