Diploma of Project Management

Where Can a Diploma of Project Management Take You?

The best thing about pursuing a career in project management is that your skills and knowledge will be required in almost every Australian industry or sector, opening you up to a wealth of employment opportunities.

National Training’s Diploma of Project Management can equip you with the know-how you need to develop skills that can be transferred across a range of industries. Whether you want to go straight into project management or would prefer to explore niche sectors, there is bound to be a role out there for you – here are a handful of career paths you can follow with a project management qualification.

Construction Project Manager

It is often the role people first think of when they hear the words ‘project manager’, but that doesn’t mean that a career in construction project management is anything simple. With the constant need for improved infrastructure meaning this job will always been in demand, it is perfect for those who possess high level risk management skills and a keen interest in building legislation.

IT Project Manager

Many professional project managers are carving out lucrative careers in the IT sector due to advancement in technology. Working as a project manager in IT could mean anything from software development and network upgrades to implementing new technologies or developing IT strategies.

Accounts Manager

We tend not to associate accountants with project management, but roles do exist for financial experts who want to advance a company’s operations through specific projects. You can combine your accountancy skills with project management to roll out major changes to typical accounting procedures, such as record keeping, auditing or administration.

Human Resources Manager

If tech and finance is not really your thing, human resources management can be a rewarding career path for project managers. Not only will you lead projects designed to enhance workplace and employee relations, you can also manage key HR procedures such as recruitment, payroll and training and development.

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