Which Diploma is Right For You?

Here are five of the most in demand diplomas from National Training. Find out which one suits you!


Diploma of Leadership and Management:

Are you:

  • Looking for a promotion?
  • Looking for a change in career?
  • Would you like to be in a leadership position in your workplace?

If yes, look no further than a Diploma of Leadership and Management from National Training! This diploma will provide you the skills to manage people across the workplace, and display inspiring and effective leadership in your field of work. These skills include communicating with influence, managing recruitment and onboarding, managing team effectiveness, managing a safe workplace and managing budgets and financial plans.

These skills are incredibly valuable across the workforce, and are necessary for roles in operation or production, managing warehouses or managing a business. 

Diploma of Business:

Are you:

  • Looking to start a business?
  • Would you like to be in a leadership position within your company?
  • Would you like to gain key business insights and strategies?

If yes, then a Diploma of Business is for you! Gaining a Diploma of Business from National Training means that you will gain essential business knowledge and management skills, allowing you to implement modern operational planning techniques, coach and encourage staff, manage financial plans, set and achieve performance targets, and engage in conflict resolution. This diploma could earn you management and program coordinator positions; for example, an operations manager, executive officer, business analyst or a business owner!

Diploma of Logistics:

Are you:

  • Looking to join one of the fastest growing career sectors?
  • Looking for a promotion? 
  • Looking to manage people and business operations?

A Diploma of Logistics will suit you! As manufacturing in Australia declines, the ability to effectively and efficiently manage a company’s supply chain is incredibly valuable to employers. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts the logistics industry will soon account for 8.6 per cent of Australia’s GDP and will employ over 1 million Australians – which could include you with this diploma! A Diploma of Logistics will allow you to manage people, handle freight forwarding, warehouse inventory, transport logistics and safety across a wide range of industries!

Double Diplomas:

Diploma of Leadership and Management with a Diploma of Project Management:

Are you:

  • Looking to start or grow your career in project management?
  • Looking to lead and manage a project team?

If yes, a double diploma with leadership and management and project management is for you! The Diploma of Project Management is relevant to all industries – all businesses embark on projects to modify and improve their functioning, which requires someone to effectively lead the project! Being a project manager requires you to deliver desired outcomes efficiently, whilst overcoming challenges and effectively managing a team. This double diploma provides you the skills to balance both these priorities! 

Diploma of Human Resources and Business:

Are you:

  • Good at dealing with people?
  • Interested in business operations?

Then a double diploma of Human Resources and Business from National Training will suit you! The human resources sector has strong job opportunities as well as high earning potential. This qualification paired with a Diploma of Business means you could be the HR Manager who understands and can comfortably run the business! The job opportunities with this double diploma are endless! 

There are many other diplomas and double diplomas available at National Training! Have a look at the range today!